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Relationship Coaching: Turning Toward One Another

Far too often couples, partners, and companions wait until they are 'at each other's throat' before they decide to give their relationship "one last chance" by reaching out to a professional for assistance. In reality, they could have enjoyed enhanced communications, teamwork, and intimacy for years had they sought objective coaching before relationship problems began to stack up.

As a relationship coach, I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of couples' rapid movement towards one another, whether a marriage of decades duration struggling with lingering resentments, or partners deciding to supercharge their relationship, or a pair of friends wanting to get past a disagreement. Relationship coaching can play a positive role in assisting each person involved with healthier boundaries, clean communication, and personally accountable behaviors.

Couples counseling typically includes both partners, but sometimes one partner choose to work on some personal issues in conjunction with relationship work. I maintain a flexible approach in which together we decide which option will best move towards the ultimate goals of my couples clients.

Relationship coaching typically begins with a brief overview of the history of the relationship, as well as a brief history of each partner’s family-of-origin. We then clearly define the goals for our coaching relationship before jumping right into exercises that move the ball down the field towards those relationship goals. I typically place a heavy emphasis on clean, bold communication and prioritization of each partner's well-articulated requests.

Each year of a relationship, individuals either move towards one another or more away from one another. Kids, work, and life can easily distract someone from their focus on various relationships. With a sharpened focus and supportive direction from an experienced relationship coach, couples can move more definitively in whatever direction they so choose!

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