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Now fortified with a 15-years history of experience as a clinical psychologist delivering one-on-one psychotherapy services to trauma survivors, my life coaching services deliver both insights and specific guidance toward addressing trauma-based obstacles to your forward progress in relationships, parenting, finances, personal wellness, and life goals.

While my coaching tends to be direct and proactive, we move together at a pace that works for you. Some progress comes in giant leaps, while more comes through the disciplined grind of focused, ambitious work. Throughout this process, I enjoy offering coaching insights and guidance, as well as cheerleading support, empathic understanding, and accountability partnering. Let's get to it!

Do more than hope for success in relationships and life. . . earn your goals through collaborative coaching as we systematically address each obstacle to your success!

If you suspect that childhood traumas and dysfunctional family dynamics continue to plague your current relationships and progress, then you are definitely in the right place with Ellender Coaching. Intergenerational trauma has been a fascination of mine since working with trauma survivors in undergraduate studies in the 1990s.

Ernest  Ellender, PhD

The Black Belt Trauma Coach

Ellender Coaching Services: Sessions & Intensives

Individual Coaching Sessions:
50-minutes each

Coaching Intensive Programs:
Faster results on compressed timeline

 Ernest Ellender PhD life coaching services


One-on-one coahcing sessions:

available online & in-person

Extended coaching sessions to achieve rapid gains toward specific goals

Individual sessions are tailored to your specific goals, timeline, and personal needs. My favorite work activity is sitting across from my motivated client while we break down their complex situation and obstacles into manageable and actionable coaching game plans for the week.

Coaching intensives (prolonged sessions, courses, mini-retreats) involve more focused and frequent sessions on a compressed timeline than traditional one-hour-a-week therapy sessions. Intensives provide a large dose of learning in a short period of time. ​​

 author Ernest Ellender PhD book cover

Get a head start on your trauma healing!

Coaching sessions are efficient at tailoring your healing journey to your specific situation; however, you can rapidly accelerate your overall progress by . . .

  • educating yourself about trauma basics,

  • learning about key concepts, and

  • developing fundamental skills 


The most efficient path to success for childhood trauma survivors will include a combination of self-directed learning paired with coaching (or other professional) guidance. That said, I am pleased to offer you the most comprehensive curriculum for addressing childhood trauma and family dysfunction in one encouraging book!

Career Highlights

2024 - Author (This Is How We Heal from Painful Childhoods)

2022 - Ellender Life Coaching

2008 - Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu)

2007 - PhD in Clinical Psychology (Palo Alto University)

1999 - BA in Psychology (Nicholls State University)

1995 - BA in English Literature (Nicholls State University)

"I love working with ambitious clients devoted to removing obstacles to their fullest potential in health, relationships, family, and life!"

                                                                — Coach Ernest Ellender

 author Ernest Ellender PhD with book

Sample print of my first book in 2024!

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